Outstation Emergency Coverage in Car Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

An unexpected car accident might ruin your day, so you can buy outstation emergency cover in a comprehensive car insurance policy. Read this blog to know more.

An outstation emergency cover comes in handy at that point, especially if you're traveling to a remote location. Know all about Outstation Emergency Add-On Coverage in Car Insurance.

Outstation Emergency Coverage in Car Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

The experience of traveling by road can be enticing and relaxing. It might help you unwind and escape the daily routine. You must, however, always be prepared for all scenarios involving your car, from minor mishaps such as a flat tyre to more significant incidents such as larger accidents. All Outstation Emergency Add-On Coverage in Car Insurance are discussed below.

How Does Car Insurance's Outstation Emergency Cover Work?

When a policyholder has an emergency while driving outside of a 100-kilometer radius of his residence, the Outstation Emergency Add-on can be used. If the time required to get the vehicle fixed exceeds 12 hours, the outstation emergency cover becomes claimable.

Car Insurance Outstation Emergency Cover Claim Process

The following are the steps for filing a claim for emergency assistance:

  • Step 1: Make an Intimation Claim

    You must notify your insurer as soon as possible after the incident. Your customer relationship manager will walk you through the claim procedure step-by-step. Follow their instructions to ensure that you file your claim on time.

  • Step 2: Vehicle Examination

    Your auto insurance provider will dispatch an inspector to analyze the extent of the damage to your vehicle. Answer all of the inspector's questions honestly and cooperate with him/her.

  • Step 3: Submitting Documents

    You will be asked to submit certain papers to settle your claim. These include:

    • A completely signed form
    • A written claim-raising application
    • If applicable, a copy of an FIR
    • A duplicate of your car insurance policy
    • A duplicate of your driver's license
    • Any other supporting materials that your- customer relationship manager has provided.
  • Step 4: Car Maintenance

    Allow a shop to repair your vehicle. Pay the bill amount in the case of a reimbursement claim and drive your automobile home once it has been fixed. To the car insurance company, send the repair bill and payment receipt. Once the documentation procedure is complete, your insurance provider will review all of the documents before settling the claim.

    Special Conditions Applicable to Outstation Emergency Cover

    The outstation emergency add-on protection will be effective in the following circumstances:

    • This coverage can be used if the time it takes to fix and repair the car exceeds 12 hours.
    • The add-on cover is only applicable if the emergency occurs outside of a 100-kilometer radius of your home.
    • The No Claim Bonus (NCB) cycle is unaffected by claims made under the outstation emergency assistance plan.
    • The total number of claims allowed under this add-on is limited for each coverage year and can be found in the policy paperwork.

    Car Insurance Types Of Outstation Emergency Coverage

    Your road trip emergency assistance coverage should be effective and tailored to your specific needs. Under your comprehensive car insurance policy, you have two options for emergency assistance coverage. The following are some of them:

    • Outstation Emergency Cover for a Year:

      This form of emergency assistance cover is available for a year from the start of the car insurance plans.

    • Outstation Emergency Coverage for 3 Years:

      This form of emergency assistance cover is valid for three years from the date of the car insurance coverage policy's inception.

    The Features of Outstation Emergency Cover:

    • Financial Security

      The outstation emergency cover provides financial security in the event of an automobile accident while traveling in an unknown location. All you have to do is contact your insurer and complete the necessary claim procedures. Your insurance will refund the car repair amount at the time of claim settlement after receiving the details of the occurrence and the appropriate papers.

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    • The Smooth Repair Process

      Most automobile insurance firms in India have agreements with a significant number of network garages spread around the country. A network garage is an auto repair shop where you can get cashless repairs. With this add-on coverage, you can take your automobile to be repaired and file a cashless claim even if you are out of town.

    • Peace of Mind

      Being faced with an issue in an unexpected location can be frightening. It can become stressful if you have no idea where you will find a garage when traveling to an outstation. As a result, this add-on cover gives you peace of mind and lets you enjoy your travels with fewer worries.

    • Journeys with No Stress

      Policyholders can travel worry-free with this coverage. Emergency auto repairs are no longer a reason to avoid vacations because, with this coverage, you may get them immediately.

    • Repairs are Easily Accessible

      Finding a repair shop to fix your vehicle when you're away from home or your country might be difficult. If you have outstation emergency coverage, you can easily have your car repaired at a network garage of your insurance company. Most insurance firms have a sufficient network of network garages.

    The last thing you want is a flat tire or car trouble. However, accidents do occur when they are least expected. And being in a godforsaken location might be traumatic. If you are a frequent traveler who moves around your city, incorporate the Outstation Emergency Add On Coverage into your policy. You can apply for car insurance online as well as offline.

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