Is Vandalism Covered Under Your Car Insurance Policy?

Car vandalism is expensive, but in some cases, your car insurance policy coverage might help you pay for the damages. Read this blog to know more about it.

Check out whether vandalism is covered under your car insurance plan or not.

Is Vandalism Covered Under Your Car Insurance Policy?

Car insurance, in addition to being a legal requirement, provides financial protection. While the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 requires you to have one as a car owner, you should also consider the various benefits it provides. This is determined by the type of policy purchased, the plan's inclusions and exclusions, and other factors.

While a car may be subjected to various perils such as accidents, natural disasters, and other man-made damages, is vandalism covered when you buy car insurance online? The answer to this question is found in the insurance coverage you purchased.

Let us first define vandalism and how it is covered by a car insurance policy.

What is Vandalism?

Vandalism is the intentional destruction of another person's property. It is a common scenario during civil unrest, particularly riots. During such times, a person's private property is destroyed. This includes vehicles, houses, shops, and so on.

Is Vandalism Covered Under Car Insurance?

To satisfy your curiosity, it is necessary to first understand the various available plans.

Car insurance policies are broadly divided into two types: third-party plans and comprehensive policies. A third-party policy protects you, the policyholder, from potential liabilities. These liabilities can arise as a result of an accident or collision that injures or damages a third party's property. Furthermore, the insurance policy covers compensation for the death of such a third party as a result of an accident. As a result, third-party plans only cover legal liabilities.

The comprehensive policy is the second type of insurance plan that can be purchased. This policy, which includes third-party coverage as well as own-damage protection, can be a useful alternative to a third-party insurance plan. As a result, it provides coverage for vehicle damage as well as legal liabilities.

Because such an own-damage policy covers both natural disasters and human-caused activities, it also covers vandalism. With such a comprehensive policy, you can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses while providing more insurance coverage. However, keep in mind that broader insurance coverage has an impact on car insurance prices as well.

1. Third-party car insurance

A third-party car insurance policy covers damage to other people's or their property caused by your vehicle. If it is proven that you caused the damage, your insurer will pay the compensation. This coverage includes property damage as well as injuries and death to third-party victims caused by your vehicle.

2. Comprehensive car insurance

A comprehensive auto insurance policy covers two major things: third-party damage and something called "Own Damage" (OD). The OD component refers to the damage done to your vehicle. This policy lowers your out-of-pocket expenses, and the insurance company pays for repairs if your vehicle is damaged.

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How can you raise a claim for vandalism?

To file a claim for vandalism, you must first contact your insurance company and notify them of the damage. The customer service representative or an insurance expert will walk you through the correct procedure by the insurer's terms.

A claim can now be filed digitally as well. To file a claim, you can use an app or go to the insurance company's website. You must be prepared with the following information:

  1. Policy number for a car insurance policy
  2. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  3. FIR (if requested by the insurer)
  4. Photographs or videos of the damaged vehicle
  5. Any additional documents requested by the insurer

What should you do?

Because it is impossible to predict damages, the best option is to be insured and prepared for a calamitous event such as social unrest or vandalism. If you suspect that an incident is about to occur, you can avoid such damage by parking your car in a safe location away from the main road.

Avoid any delays in notifying your insurance company of the damage. Also, do not have the car repaired before it has been inspected for damage. This could lead to claim rejection.

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