What is KYC in car insurance? Which documents are required? Different ways of KYC approved by IRDAI. All your queries answered, read along to find out.

Incurred Claim Settlement Ratio 2022: IRDA published ICR report 2022. Check online Check Incurred Claim Settlement Ratio 2022 Incurred Claim Ratio all general insurance companies.

Highway Hypnosis refers to a state where you feel zoned out while driving and have no clear memory of any events that take place while traveling.

Replacing airbags can be expensive. It"s not entirely covered under insurance due to depreciation rates. You lose out 50% value on airbags made of nylon.

Comprehensive car insurance typically offers you coverage against damages caused to your car due to man made, natural calamity or theft ; it also covers against third party person or property damages, death or disability.

Crashed your car and worried about how to pay for the repairs? Read how to claim car insurance for own damage. It can be claimed only with a comprehensive car insurance policy.

Planning to buy an electric vehicle? Perfect time for you to save on tax under section 80 EEB by purchasing an electric vehicle. Read the conditions to get tax saving benefits.

The insurer offers a slab based option to buyer on which the premium calculation is done. Insurance coverage is valid up to limit chosen by the buyer.

Driving behavior of the customer will be tracked by a tool. The telematics device installation will ensure that the customer practises safe driving, thus increasing road safety for the customer as well as others.

While the premium for the third party policy will not get affected by the distance, you will pay less for own-damage insurance cover if you drive less

Pay as You Drive & Pay How You Drive are addons available with Standalone Own Damage Policy. An algorithm determines your premium based on driving behavior & distance.

Car Policy Premium based on your Driving Behavior. IRDAI"s Sophisticated Add-On to Motor - Own Damage policy. Pay as you drive, Pay how you drive & floater policy for multiple vehicles with same individual owner

List of best automatic cars under 10 lakh. Do you want to know the best automatic car? Read about the top Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) / automatic cars in India.

Insurance companies calculate car insurance premiums on the basis of IDV If you are wondering whether higher IDV is better in car insurance Read the full article for better IDV

Car insurance policy does not cover engine damage or replacement cost. You cannot register a claim for engine failure. With the help engine protection add-on cover, you can protect the car engine.

An unexpected car accident might ruin your day, so you can buy outstation emergency cover in a comprehensive car insurance policy. Read this blog to know more.

Car Insurance Brand Loyalty Discount are provided to customers who keep renewing their policy with the same insurance company, without switching to any other insurer. Read the article to learn more.

Read the article to know how to renew your car insurance policy on time to avail the desired coverage in case of accident, theft, man-made or natural calamities.

Buying insurance in one thing but claim when required is where everyone struggle. Know what documents helps in claiming the insurance for third party and comprehensive insurance.

A totally damaged car can not claim insurance if it does not have the proper coverages know what covers the total damage and insurance you cars with proper insurance.

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